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Special Financing

Open a Mrs. G Credit Account

An easy way to pay for your new kitchen appliances is with a Mrs. G Revolving Account through Citi Financial Services or Wells Fargo Retail Services.

Benefits to using a Mrs. G credit account:

  • You receive a private label credit card that can be used for any purchases at Mrs G’s up to your available credit line set by the retail service company.
  • You do not use any of your regular credit card limits, leaving those cards available for your other purchases.
  • The credit line you receive from Citi or Wells Fargo is available for current and future purchase needs. It is a revolving line of credit for purchases at Mrs G’s.
  • You’ll have access to special financing programs that allow no interest financing during select periods.

  • Below are some of the financing programs available through a Mrs. G Account:

  • 12-Months with monthly payments required. If paid in full within the 12 month promotional period you pay NO interest. This program is offered to our customers for a limited number of days each month and is available to any qualified credit customer who purchases any Brand with a minimum cost of $499.00. To find out about these special programs check, call our store and ask when the next 12 month program is available.

  • 6-Months with minimum monthly payments— of 3% of the total amount financed, offered every day at our store. If you pay the entire balance by the promotional due date of the 6-month period you pay NO interest.

  • Many Manufacturers sponsor their own 12 month programs where you can purchase their brand and finance your purchase and pay no interest. These programs vary by Brand and are available most of the time on specified Brands in our store.

  • If you have any questions about our financing you may call our store (609-882-1444) and ask for Barbara, she will be happy to answer any questions.

    Many of the products purchased on line or in our store having financing promotions offered by Mrs. G TV & Appliances and/or by the manufacturer.