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Mrs. G TV & Appliances in Lawrence Township, NJ is an authorized dealer of Maytag products. Mrs. G TV & Appliances carries a wide selection of Maytag appliances, whether you are looking to improve your kitchen or need a new dependable washer and dryer. Maytag has always focused on quality and dependability in their appliances in every single product they create. That's why Maytag washers last so long and are recognized for their quality and durability. Maytag even features the #1 rated front load washer by a leading consumer magazine.

So if you are looking for Maytag appliances in Lawrence Township, New Jersey, or if you have any questions about Maytag appliances, please feel free to call us at 609-882-1444 or simply stop by Mrs. G TV & Appliances at any time and we would be glad to help you.

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The Best Cleaning Washers In The Industry

Maytag washers feature the PowerWash system for the best cleaning in the industry. Washers like the Bravos XL HE Washer contain the PowerWash system which removes the toughest stains by using PowerSpray technology, optimal dispensers, and the PowerWash cycle, to deliver the best cleaning from any washer. In addition to Maytag washers providing superior cleaning ability, select washers like the Bravos XL are high efficiency and also handle large capacities. This means less energy and water will be needed, saving money, and more clothes can be cleaned at once, saving time.

Industry-Leading Capacity Freestanding Ranges

Maytag is proud to have industry-leading capacity freestanding gas and electric ranges. These 30" gas ranges have a 5.8 cu. ft. capacity which will help get even the largest family feast done all at once. Maytag also has industry-leading capacity freestanding electric ranges with 6.2 cu. ft. capacity. Whether it's everyday meals or large feasts, these ranges will get the job done. Maytag's freestanding ranges also contain Aqualift technology which is a self-cleaning technology that will get the mess cleaned up with little effort, using less heat, less time, and no odor.