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At Mrs. G TV & Appliances, Lynx Professional Grills and accessories is one of the premier brands we carry. The founders of Lynx grills have over 30 years of experience with commercial restaurant equipment. With that experience, quality materials, fine craftsmanship, and innovation, they created a collection of outdoor kitchen products for the residential consumer that is committed to outdoor cooking at its best. This is why Lynx gas grills are widely known as the 'world's greatest grill'.

The Lynx Professional Grill is available in multiple models, built-in and freestanding, ranging in size from 27 to 54 inches. The grill is welded so expertly that there are no seams or gaps, ensuring heat stays in and food is cooked perfectly every time. And as the trend for outdoor entertainment spaces grew, Lynx Grills added refrigeration, warming drawers, icemakers, ventilation, and more to its already expansive line of accessories.

Mrs. G TV & Appliances is the outdoor kitchen specialist and carries a wide selection of Lynx products. Our knowledgeable sales associates keep up to date on new models and accessories so they can help you make the best choice from our wide selection for your needs and budget. So if you are looking for Lynx products in Lawrence Township, New Jersey, or if you have any questions about Lynx products, please feel free to call us at 609-882-1444 or simply stop by Mrs. G TV & Appliances at any time and we would be glad to help you.

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Lynx Professional Grills

Cast Ceramic Burners With Briquettes

Trident™ Infrared Burner

Integrated Illumination

The 25,000 BTU cast ceramic burners provide an extremely even cooking experience while the ceramic briquettes infuse flavor into the food from drippings and carries a lifetime warranty.

The 23,000 BTU Trident™ infrared burner is fully variable and gives you amazing temperature control, allowing you to go from high to low, 300° to 1000°, gives you exacting restaurant quality performance and carries a lifetime warranty.

The industry first integrated illumination allows you to see what you're doing with blue LED control knob illumination and interior halogen lighting that makes grilling in the dark easier.

Lynx Professional Grills are available in 27", 30", 36", 42", and 54" models, either built-in or freestanding, and with features like Trident™ infared burner and Rotisserie. Each cast ceramic burner is 25,000 BTU which fires up ceramic briquettes, spreading out the heat evenly. Innovations like the hood assist kit make lifting and lowering the hood easy. Another great innovation of Lynx grills is their patented ProSear2 technology. The infrared burner is variable, allowing you to go high for the Pittsburgh-style steak to low for seared scallops. Most other brands with infrared burners only go from high to off.

Lynx Sedona Grills

ProSear1 Infrared Burner

Integrated Illumination

Temperature Guage

The 23,000 BTU patented Lynx ProSear1 infrared burner is fully variable, allowing you to go from 300° to 1000° within minutes and carries a lifetime warranty.

The industry first integrated illumination allows you to see what you're doing with blue LED control knob illumination and interior halogen lighting that makes grilling in the dark easier.

Lynx Sedona grills include a temperature guage mounted on the hood so you can get an instant reading of the internal temperature at a quick glance.

Lynx Sedona Grills help you create an outdoor kitchen for the modern home at a great price and give you a variety of customization options to fit your needs. Choose from different cooking systems, grill sizes of 24", 30" 36", 42", built-in or freestanding cart grills, and natural gas or propane. Lynx Sedona grills do not have the cast brass burner or the ProSear2 of the Lynx Professional grills, but they have their own 18-SR tubular burner with briquettes for an even cooking experience, and the Lynx ProSear1 Burner for variable cooking.

Lynx Outdoor Kitchen Products

Lynx offers an extensive line of outdoor products and accessories to help you build the perfect outdoor kitchen around your Lynx grill. Outdoor refrigeration, ice makers, outdoor ventilation, and patio heaters are just some of the products that Lynx offers to help build a complete outdoor kitchen. They also offer other accessories such as side burners access doors, and a cocktail station that can be added on to your cooking area to give you everything you need.