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27" Built In Microwave Oven with Convection Cooking - Stainless Steel

Model # KMBP107ESS

 3.9 out of 5 (29 Reviews)

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This convection cooking microwave oven combines the power of a 900 watt microwave with a 1600 watt convection element to increase the speed of cooking. The EasyConvect Conversion System takes the guesswork out of convection cooking, ensuring exceptional results. And it's chrome inlaid frame, satin cross-hatched handles, stainless steel oven cooking cavity and touch controls are the perfect balance of elegance and functionality.


  • Convection Cooking
  • EasyConvect Conversion System
  • Professionally-Inspired Design Including Handle, Badge, Graphics, Chrome Chamfer
  • Broil Element
  • Crispwave Microwave Technology and Crisper Pan
  • Sensor Steam Cycle with Steamer Container
  • 1.4 cu. ft. Capacity
Microwave Type Built-In
Capacity 1.40
Configuration and Overview
Sensor Cooking Yes
Cooking Power Wattage 900
Convection Wattage 1600
Grill Wattage 1600
Quick Touch Settings Add A Minute, Control Lock, Convect, Cook Power, Cook Time, Crisp, Defrost, Easy Convect, Popcorn, Reheat, Soften/Melt, Speed Cook, Steam
Amps 20
Volts 240
Work Surface Light No
Turntable Diameter 14 1/8
Width 26 3/4
Depth 25 1/8
Depth With Door Open 90 Degree 35 5/8
Height 18 1/2
Capacity 1.40

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out of 5 (29 Reviews)

68% of reviewers recommend this product.

Microwave Oven with Convection Cooking

Submitted by Beth - 11/13/2017

Love it! It cooks very well and what a treat to have a nice small oven that heats up quickly. I have cooked and baked in it and everything turns out well. I would highly recommend this oven. The only draw backs are that you have to keep after the small splatters on the stainless steel as it stains and that the back of the oven is hard to reach when cleaning because of the way the door opens.

Yes, I recommend this product

Great oven & microwave combined

Submitted by JC - 9/8/2017

We love the oven. It has a great look and the features are pretty good. I love not having to fire up the oven in our range for small stuff. I would definitely recommend this to anyone with either a wall oven or range as an additional oven.

Yes, I recommend this product

Best Microwave I have ever had

Submitted by Tony - 8/14/2017

This microwave is easier to use than any I have ever installed. It is large, powerful and the touch screen is perfect. The "ON" button is not hidden in a slew of buttons that are never used, instead it is clear and separate. Installation was easy and there is no $500 trim kit to buy.

Yes, I recommend this product

Love this!

Submitted by LG - 6/10/2017

Never cooked with microwave convection-quite impressed..and learning curve-I've lost some Tupperware-my bad.

Yes, I recommend this product

Very stylish

Submitted by Joe - 3/25/2017

Never had a under counter microwave before. Love it!

Yes, I recommend this product

Waste of money!

Submitted by Really mad customer - 3/23/2017

After much research on what type of device I would purchase to replace my much LOVED over the counter GE Advantium microwave, I thought I had found a microwave that could be installed under the counter and would perform in a fashion similar to my Advantium- that is it would act as a microwave, speed cook my food and also provide me with a crisp and browned exterior to my food, as opposed to the usual rubbery microwaved food. This Kitchen Aid oven has dissapointed me from the moment it was installed. The "beautiful" exterior they speak of doesnt mention that the two screws that hold the oven in the cabinet are big, ugly silver screws against a black porcelain frame- quite visible when the door is closed and when looking at the oven from various angles. Secondly, the qua.ity of the stainless steel used for the oven interior is of poor quality, I bit of chili I cooked in it splashed on the wall of the oven cavity and has now permanently stained my 2 day old interior! Also, the Advertisement that it has a broiler and the image shown in their literature show a bright glow of a broiler being emitted when turned on. What KA doesn't tell you is that the broiler cannot operate independently of either the microwave or the convection oven, AND when it is operating it only uses 120V, not powerful enough to even make the broil element glow red, no less "broil or brown your food". Furthermore, the crisper function uses both microwaves plus the "broil" element to supposedly produce crisp food. Ever put pizza into a microwave to reheat? You get a rubbery crust! So with this crisp feature now you get a rubbery crust with a dried out crust and cheese thanks to the lousy "broil" feature. Why would they design an oven to crisp and have it use microwaves? Nothing crisp ever comes out of a microwave, including this one despite what they promise! Also, they rave about the great Easy Convect Convection oven... What isn't mentioned is that it takes 30 minutes to preheat.

No, I do not recommend this product

Fan very noisy and won't stop running

Submitted by Juan Guevara - 2/9/2017

I bought this unit to replace my old KitchenAid microwave/convention oven (KBMC147). As soon as this unit was installed and the installer started the test, I could notice how much louder the fun was than the prior one. Then after we run a 15 seconds test, the fun didn't go off. The standard beep after each minute still worked, but with the fan still going and at the loud noise the beep is barely noticeably. After letting the microwave cool down, I run another test for 15 seconds, and decided to wait and see if the fun would stop. It took it 5 minutes to stop after 15 seconds, and those are 5 minutes with a loud fan running. This seems like a very bad design to have the fun continue working, or one must be standing next to the unit to hit cancel each time you use it. When I called KitchenAid they told me it was normal for the fun to continue running for 5 minutes. And the noise, it is just like that, a noisy fun. I am not only not recommending this to anyone, but I am already sharing my experience and telling my family and friends to stay away from KitchenAid. I was a fan with all my kitchenAid appliances until now. I won't replace with the same brand any of my appliances when that time comes.

No, I do not recommend this product

Beautiful and works great!

Submitted by Ratontig - 2/7/2017

Very pleased so far. Purchased a couple of weeks ago.

Yes, I recommend this product

Fan Noise out of the box

Submitted by rk - 1/6/2017

Bought this microwave December 3rd week 2016. As soon as my technician installed and turned on, the fan started making loud noise. I called support and due to lack of resource during vacation, it was not fixed till today. I got a tech appointment today and he fixed it. It was noticed that during manufacturing, the fan screws were not tightened. Wouldn't there be a Quality control for the products that are manufactured ?

No, I do not recommend this product

Don't buy

Submitted by KC - 12/14/2016

Fan went out 2 weeks after the one year warranty was up. Kitchenaid would not stand behind their product.

No, I do not recommend this product

Consistent Heating

Submitted by CG - 11/28/2016

I've had this microwave for less than a month but I already love the way it heats food consistently throughout so that the food seems to stay warmer longer. Haven't had a chance to use the convection baking option yet, but will definitely do so during the holidays when having a second oven will be a huge plus.

Yes, I recommend this product

Amazing machine! I say "Ta Da" every time I open the door

Submitted by Donna - 11/6/2016

Just buy lt. You will love it

Yes, I recommend this product

Happy with my new microwave

Submitted by Karen - 10/17/2016

Love my new Kitchen Aid microwave. I do wish there was a little more information on how to use the different features.

Yes, I recommend this product

Great Design, but a glaring quality issue

Submitted by CaptainFreon - 10/13/2016

This is a great design that matches our KitchenAid appliances. The features and performance are top notch. The included convection accessories are very good quality. I like that the tones and display are the same as the double oven. Microwaves often look like the afterthought of the kitchen, but not this one. The only issue was that the KitchenAid badge was not centered on the oven door. Hopefully, warranty service can resolve that. It is off center by about 1.5 inches! How this one ever passed QA on the assembly line is surprising for a premium brand. Other than that, it is a tremendous unit and I would purchase it again.

Yes, I recommend this product

Expensive and would not buy again

Submitted by Mj - 10/7/2016

This was the suggested replacement for my old kitchen aid microwave. First off it did not fit the cut out area in the cabinet and after spend over 2000.00 dollars for this unit we had to get a trim kit costing an additional 150.00 dollars. The how to use books are not helpful and vague. My old one had stick on guide as you opened it that helped you find the correct power for various foods for cooking , reheating etc. this one is extremely lacking. I also hate the digital read out. Too much black. Also hate the red trim on the handle. There was no store in Denver, Co that I could see this replacement and I had to order only seeing the picture. Did popcorn in it and it performed poorly.

No, I do not recommend this product

Solid well built & attractive Microwave

Submitted by Blizcoach - 9/21/2016

The Kitchen Aid was a great choice both in design & looks to performance. Cooking is accurate and very quiet. The face of the microwave fits in with any stainless kitchen.

Yes, I recommend this product

Wow! What a microwave!

Submitted by Loligag - 8/28/2016

This microwave has so many features and so much power that I think I could do almost anything with it! What's more, it came with some special dishes and parts that allow me to be even more creative in the kitchen. It is quiet and powerful, and I LOVE it!

Yes, I recommend this product

I love my new microwave. We use it everyday.

Submitted by Rosr - 8/19/2016

We bought the microwave a month ago and we are so happy we chose the Kitchen Aid microwave. It is easy to use and the end result is tasty. It makes my kitchen look like a professional cooks here. So happy I bought this product.

Yes, I recommend this product


Submitted by KitKat - 8/5/2016

I love it! I love how it opens down like an oven. It shows a lot of finger prints on screen, but it's worth it!

Yes, I recommend this product

Great Convection Microwave!

Submitted by Bob the builder - 7/24/2016

We were able to get an "InsidePass" and got this microwave for a great price. We just installed it and love it.

Yes, I recommend this product

Convection microwave

Submitted by Stephanie - 6/20/2016

This cooks with convection, microwave, steams, crisp (haven't used yet). The only complaint is that it doesn't micro and convection cook like my others have.

Yes, I recommend this product

Great Features!

Submitted by Debbie - 6/4/2016

I bought this microwave a month ago to replace the JennAir and absolutely love it! Not only does it look beautiful, it's features are too many to list. I particularly love the solid build and feel, the capability to use as a convection oven. I love the fact that the fan continues to run and cool down the interior to prevent moisture build up after cooking. Very versatile!

Yes, I recommend this product


Submitted by Ray - 4/19/2016

It has been installed for less than a month and had 2 service calls to fix the turn table. They replaced the motor - did not work. They replaced the circuit board (controller) - did not work. I told repairman no more repairs. I cannot keep staying home or adjusting my schedule for a product that should be replaced. I do expect a replacement.

No, I do not recommend this product

not worth the $

Submitted by AP in KC - 1/15/2016

This oven looks great but the microwave is only "OK" and the convection oven works fine but is not user friendly. One third of the time it will tell me the door is not closed so I have to open and reclose the door to get it work. I would not purchase it again.

No, I do not recommend this product

Great Product

Submitted by Carrie - 12/16/2015

We recently purchased this Microwave Oven when we did a major kitchen renovation. It is very sleek and looks great built in to our island. The Microwave is very quiet and easy to use. I highly recommend this product!

Yes, I recommend this product

Gourmet kitchen look

Submitted by Matchy-matchy! - 12/10/2015

I purchased the microwave to match the appliances. They all look fantastic. Gives the look of a built in oven with microwave capability!

Yes, I recommend this product

Happy but disappointed

Submitted by Slower than Normal - 10/10/2015

This is a recent purchase so we've only used it for a couple of weeks. The 27" Convection Microwave looks great and we're satisfied so far. I do question why Kitchenaid manufactured a microwave with 900 watts when the standard for food preparation is 1100. I purchased it at Sears and the wattage was not advertised when I bought it. I now understand that Kitchenaid's other models come with a much higher wattage and I would have opted for one of them had I known. I'm sure I could have returned it for a refund, but it was a custom installation and after going through all the hassles of remodeling the kitchen it was not worth it. The look of the kitchen is a big step forward, but knowing the performance of the microwave is a step backwards. As I stated, we're satisfied with what it is, but disappointed with its potential performance knowing we will have to modify cooking times to account for the lower wattage. I've always considered Kitchenaid to be a leader in higher-end appliances, but should have been more careful.

No, I do not recommend this product

Amazing convection microwave

Submitted by MarySD - 9/25/2015

Got this for my kitchen remodel and couldn't be happier. Best feature is the quiet close door! Cooks amazingly. Convection works like a charm. Presets are easy to use. Does a great job on baked items like bread. Way way better than my old Dacor.

Yes, I recommend this product

Worst and Most Expensive Microwave

Submitted by CC - 7/3/2015

I bought this a few months ago. I get an error message from time to time. It will only correct if I short-circuit the line. Customer service at KitchenAid has not given me a new one, they will now send a technician out for the second time in a month. Clearly, I have a lemon and they don't care. Never again. Their products look pretty--but pretty much don't work.

No, I do not recommend this product