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Layaway Plan

Terms and Conditions

Mrs G TV & Appliances offers this layaway plan to allow you to hold products till 12/23/2011.


  • Mrs G TV & Appliance does not charge a fee for layaways, there is a cancellation fee.
  • Limited to regular current models stocked (in ADC inventory) products only.
  • Excludes; Special order items, floor samples, clearance items, limited quantity specials, closeout items, discontinued items, built-ins, etc.
  • Price paid at time of initial sale will hold through layaway period, interim price changes will not affect the price you paid for layaway item(s). Price drops/increases for any reason will not affect your initial price paid, and that price will prevail through the layaway period. Occasionally a short term special sale price may be available on certain products, the item(s) you put on layaway are priced to sell at the cost that existed when you purchased and we purchase them for you at that cost. No price changes can be taken on layaway items. Same holds true if a price goes up, we hold the price for you.
  • No changes can be made on layaway orders, once we put the item(s) on layaway for you, they are held for you, you cannot change them later unless you cancel that layaway, which will incur a $15.00 cancellation charge.
  • We will hold your item(s) in our warehouse till 12/23/2011 if all terms are met.
  • A minimum 25% initial deposit is required to hold any items.
  • Regular payments at regular intervals of at least 2 per month must be made to keep your layaway.
  • If any conditions stated are not met including not making interim payments, Mrs G TV & Appliances reserves the right to cancel your layaway and refund any payments made less a cancellation fee.
  • If you cancel your layaway we will refund all payments made less a cancellation fee.
  • Refunds will be made in the same manner paid; if paid by credit card a credit via the same credit card will be issued, if paid by check we will refund via. Mrs G check (allow 10 days for a check refund). If paid by cash we will refund by cash (notice must be given to the store to allow time to have cash available (2-business days).
  • A cancellation fee of $15.00 is due if you cancel your layaway at any time.
  • The $15.00 cancellation fee will be deducted from your initial 25% deposit and your refund will be $15.00 less then originally paid.