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Local First

Mrs. G's strength comes from the community. Mrs. G TV & Appliances was founded in 1935 with the business principle of giving back to the community and supporting fellow independent retailers. Our belief system of Local First is not just a passing trend; it is a way of thinking for business and consumer activity. For every dollar that is spent at the local level, 68% of that goes back into the economy. It's the local arts program. It's children's theater. It's the July 4th fireworks. It's small business growth. It's job creation. It's economy revival. We are committed to letting Local First speak through our actions and business operations.

While Mrs. G TV & Appliances thrives on innovation, it is rooted in tradition. The original Mrs. G instilled in her granddaughter, current CEO Debbie Schaeffer, the value of paying it forward to the community. In over 78 years as a trusted TV & appliance retailer, we have had generations of families walk through our doors. We have cultivated relationships with non-profit groups, independent retailers & entrepreneurs, and industry experts. Our showroom has become a destination for networking & appreciation events, and we have contributed to various charity events with knowledge that our Local First philosophy resonates with those who collaborate with us.

Now that we have your attention, we ask for your pledge to follow our example and choose Local First. The real power is in your action. Watch out; it's infectious!