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When selecting a refrigerator, size is more important then style. Most refrigerators purchased today are to replace old ones. It is very important to measure the existing refrigerator space. The height is critical since most newer refrigerators are taller than the older models and the width is important since refrigerators have a variety of widths.

When you have selected a refrigerator that fits your style, space and budget make sure the new refrigerator can get through hallways and doorways and when in place you can fully open the doors. If the doors cannot be opened all the way, make sure it can at least open 90 degrees. Not all refrigerator crisper drawers and shelves can be removed for cleaning when the doors are opened at 90 degrees. Check the specifications.

Refrigerators use more energy than any other appliance in the kitchen. Consider energy star models. Energy star qualified refrigerators provide energy savings while helping protect the environment without sacrificing the features you want.


When selecting a freezer decide how much capacity you need. Freezers are available from 5 cubic feet to more than 18 cubic feet. There are two types of freezers: Chest or Upright. Both come manual or automatic defrost. Manual defrost models are less expensive and are quieter and more energy efficient. However it is time consuming defrosting manually. Choose a chest freezer if you are prone to power failures. Chest freezers lets out less cold air when the door is opened. Finally, choose models with power-on light on the outside of the freezer so that you can see the unit is on with out opening the door.

Consider Energy Star Freezers. Energy star qualified freezers provide energy savings while helping protect the environment without sacrificing the features you want.


For many years, stand alone ice makers were only found in the most expensive homes. Recently, however, these handy appliances have been becoming commonplace in more modest homes. Fitting neatly underneath the countertop, stand alone ice makers have evolved into convenient appliances that can easily be integrated into kitchen designs.

There are two types of ice makers. clear cubed ice that requires a drain and crescent cloudy ice, no drain required. The clear ice models will be more expensive, noiser and require more maintenance than the cloudy ice. Make sure you consider the noise level when choosing the location of your icemaker. Clear cubed ice just looks better in a tall glass of ice tea or a short glass of scotch.

Maintaining your ice makers requires cleaning the gasket as needed, clean condenser coils once a year, and cleaning the water system every 6 months.

Wine Coolers

Whether you are buying wine to drink today or saving wine for a special occasion a refrigerator wine cooler is the best way to ensure it's stored properly. To protect your investment in whites or reds, sparkling wine or champagne, it may be necessary to purchase a wine cooler.

Why buy a wine cooler instead of storing it in a refrigerator. Wine needs to be kept at a constant temperature in order to preserve its color, taste and quality. Refrigerators temperatures are generally lower than wine cooler temperatures and the continuous opening and closing of the refrigerator door causes the temperature to fluctuate.

Another reason to invest in a wine cooler, when a guest sees a wine cooler in your home, an immediate connection is made with luxury and class.