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Wide Inventory of Laundry Appliances

Mrs. G's has the finest selection of name brand washers and dryers in their appliance showroom. Our staff is well-versed in the range of laundry appliances available, and will be able to match you with the washer and dryer that is best suited to your specific needs, budget, and space allotment.

Which Washer is Right for You?

Washers have become increasingly efficient over the past ten years. When shopping for a washer, no matter what your budget is, make sure to choose those that are Energy Star qualified. Earning an Energy Star means a washer uses less water and electricity than conventional models. Saving water not only helps protect our nation's water supplies, it can also save you up to $550 in operating costs over its lifetime compared to a regular clothes washer. In addition, try to look for a high spin speed washer, as your laundry will require less time in the dryer, also saving power and reducing operating costs.

When choosing a washer your options are either a top load or a front loader.

Most front loaders offer superior performance and efficiency. They also have a better moisture extraction in the spin cycle, which equals a shorter drying time. The spin speed of the front loaders is high, around 1000rpm, so it can create a lot of vibration throughout the house. It is not recommended to put these appliances on a level other than the first floor or basement. If it is necessary to put it on another level, make sure you reinforce the floor. The front load washer's door must be left open for about 45 minutes after the clean clothes are removed. This allows time to dry out the droplets of water left in the rubber gasket around the rim of the door. If the door is not left opened, mold and odors will grow. There are products available, such as Afresh, to remove mold and odor.

There are quite a few high efficiency top load washers that can go toe-to-toe with the front loaders. Besides the variety of models available and their affordability, top load washers are easier on your back and are not as vulnerable to the mold and odor problems of the front loaders.

If space is limited, there are also stacked washer/dryer combos where the dryer is attached above the washer. Typically, the size of the loads you can wash are smaller, but these stacked washer/dryers are great solutions for tight spaces or small apartments.

No matter which high efficiency washer you choose, make sure you use low sudsing, HE, detergent. All brands carry this type of detergent; just look for the HE (High Efficiency) on the side of the container. It is important to not use regular detergent in high efficiency washers, as this will cause them to over suds and the unit might go into lock down.

Which Dryer is Right for You?

Dryers have changed relatively little over the last ten years in comparison to the washer. When you are choosing a new dryer, you must first narrow down your choices to either an electric or a gas dryer. From there you can choose between top loading and front loading models. If you have a bad back, then consider brands like Fisher Paykel who offer top load dryers which minimize bending and lifting. Steam assist dryers are becoming a popular choice, as refreshing your clothes with steam is quick and easy. Models including the steam assist option can come with a premium price for the added benefits they offer.