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Electronics Store Serving New Jersey and Eastern Pennsylvania

Mrs. G's electronics store is a one stop superstore for all of your electronics and TV needs. Whether you are TV shopping from Pennsylvania or New Jersey, our conveniently located showroom has the TV you are looking for. We also offer a wide range of other electronics equipment ranging from home theatre systems to DVD recorders. So come check out the best wide screen TVs for sale in New Jersey (and lots of other TVs too!), and let us help outfit your home with all of the best in electronics choices.

A Wide Variety of Televisions

Shopping for new electronics can be very confusing. 1080i, 720P, 1080P, HDMI, Blu-ray, what does it all mean? We can help. Whether you're shopping for LCD, Plasma, or DLP HDTV'S we've been helping our customers in New Jersey and eastern Pennsylvania select the best TV to fit their style and needs for more than 73 years. Mrs. G's electronics store has a large selection of high-definition widescreen TV's from many manufacturers in our showroom.

Selecting the proper television type is very important and a few questions should be answered. Take into consideration the size of the room, how far away will you be sitting from the TV? LCD flat-panel TV's are made in sizes from 15 to 65 inches diagonally. Plasma flat-panel HDTV's are available from 42 to 71 inches diagonally. DLP rear-projection HDTV's are available from 57 to 73 inches diagonally.

Does the room have a lot of ambient light? LCD and DLP HDTV's have plastic screens so they do not reflect light making them suitable for all lighting conditions. Plasma sets are made of glass so some are not suitable for brighter rooms.

Do you want the TV wall-mounted and if so what type of wall mount? Then LCD or Plasmas are the only choices available. When considering a wall mount there are three main choices: flat mount, where the TV sits flat on the wall with no adjustments; tilt mount, basically a flat mount but allowing a slight tilt up or down; or articulating bracket, perhaps the most versatile choice, allowing the TV to pull away from the wall with tilt and swivel capabilities.

Answering these questions can help narrow the confusing selection of HDTV types that are available today and ultimately help in selecting the best TV for your home.