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Mrs. G TV & Appliances in Lawrence Township, NJ is an authorized dealer of Jenn-Air Products. Jenn-Air was founded in 1947 in Indianapolis, Indiana, and originally produced industrial fans. With their initial focus on ventilation, Jenn-Air was the first company to introduce a self integrated downdraft range in 1961.

Today, Jenn-Air is still the brand of choice for consumers purchasing integrated downdraft cooktops and ranges. Since it's early days the company has expanded its product line and now includes anything you need for your kitchen including downdraft cooktops, wall ovens, microwaves, dishwashers and refrigerators. Jenn-Air is part of the Whirlpool Corporation's family of appliance brands.

Jenn-Air has become well known and successful for some of their top offerings including the industry's best performing wall oven, downdraft cooktops available with a unique duct free configuration, the industry's best performing ventilation system, and fully integrated and flush built-in refrigerators.

Our showroom also features a live, fully working Jenn-Air kitchen. This will give you an opportunity to not only see these appliances in a full kitchen setting but to also see them in action. Mrs. G's is an authorized dealer of Jenn-Air and we offer three simple ways to get a price quote quickly. Either visit our showroom, call us at 1-609-882-1444 or email at Mrs. G's looks forward to helping you create your dream Jenn-Air kitchen.

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Best Performing Downdraft Cooktops

Jenn-Air downdraft cooktops give you the perfect combination of cooking and ventilation performance by pairing powerful burners and elements with the industry's best performing ventilation system. The JX3™ downdraft ventilation system on Jenn-Air downdraft cooktops delivers unrivaled performance that helps keep a consistently fresh, clean kitchen without a hood. It uses proximity ventilation to capture smoke, steam and odors at the cooking surface and removing them from the kitchen before they can escape. Not only are they efficient but they also feature sophisticated and attractive design with quiet operation. Jenn-Air downdraft cooktops are available in gas and electric 30" and 36" models plus a 36" induction downdraft cooktop model that combines the cooking power of gas and the cleanability of electric with the downdraft technology.
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Jenn-Air 15" Modular Cooktops

Jenn-Air 15" modular cooktops are now on display. Explore the new cooktops and see how a series of five different 15" modules can be combined to create the perfect sleek and seamless cooking space. The 15" modular cooktops include an induction cooktop, induction wok, single burner gas cooktop with wok ring, 2-burner gas cooktop, and electric griddle. Shop all Jenn-Air 15" Modular Cooktops.

Jenn-Air Refrigeration And New Obsidian Interior

Jenn-Air's high-end refrigeration provides the consumer with a variety of options in both freestanding and built-in refrigerators. The Jenn-Air built-in refrigerators blend in beautifully and can match a kitchen suite design or use installed custom panels to match the cabinetry. The Jenn-Air freestanding refrigerators also feature a counter-depth design, providing more space in the kitchen. And all Jenn-Air refrigeration is designed to keep ingredients superbly fresh. One of the newest available features in Jenn-Air refrigeration is the Obsidian interior available in new built-in refrigerators. Food is transformed and dramatically illuminated by LED lighting. The black interior makes everything pop inside, and not only makes food look gorgeous, but keeps it that way by adjusting the temperature and humidity level to create the best environment.
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Jenn-Air Connected Wall Oven

Jenn-Air's high-end wall ovens feature full-color touch-anywhere LCD displays, multiple cooking options and exceptionally consistent heat. Now you can experience even more control with the connected wall oven. The 30" Single or Double Wall Oven with V2™ Vertical Dual-Fan Convection System is Wi-Fi enabled and works with nest. It features the Jenn-Air® Culinary Center which provides full-color pictures of foods, doneness levels, pan types, etc, and customizes cooking cycles based on a variety of preferences to create the perfect meal. Not only do you get all the amazing cooking features of the Jenn-Air wall oven, but with Wi-Fi connectivity you can also preheat, check cooking status and configure oven features using the Jenn-Air® Culinary Center remotely through an app. Shop the Jenn-Air Wi-Fi Connected Wall Ovens

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